Cock-A-Snook (no, I don't know what it means either) at 2013 With This Patently Silly But Rather Amusing Collection of Parodies

'Troy Story', 'Bored of the Flies', 'Tweelight', 'Jane Eyre on a G-String'... just some of the familiar names covered in this collection of 25 parodies. Just what exactly did happen at the dawn of man-kinds' 'Quest For Phutt'? How many ridiculous song titles can be rung out of the hard-boiled LA crime story 'Abba-ration'? What exactly does the 'Black Death Helpline' actually do?
These and other pressing questions are all answered, or at least alluded to, in 'Ha-Bloody-Ha', my new Amazon Kindle book available now at all good download sites (as long as they're called Amazon).

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