'Six Loners' short stories published on Amazon Kindle

My short collection of six stories seen from the famous protagonist's point of view 'Six Loners' is now live on Amazon Kindle. I feel these subjects are all 'loners' in one way or another, and was interested in what their personal view of well known events concerning their lives might be, as opposed to the public's general perception of what might have happened. Needless to say, I actually admire all six of these individuals greatly for various different reasons but collectively for having the guts to remain true to themselves under the most immense of pressures.
(Note: some of these stories have already been published with different titles in my 'Girl in a Shoebox collection but this is the whole set gathered in one place)


Jacey's Kingdom Talk at Hertford Writers' Circle Wednesday 13th November

I shall be giving a talk to Hertford Writers' Circle about my new YA-crossover fantasy novel Jacey's Kingdom next Wednesday 13th November starting at 8.00pm. The venue will be The White Horse, Castle Street, Hertford SG14 1HH.
I'll be reading some extracts from the novel and my essay regarding the nameless fantasy genre I feel the book 'belongs' to; 'I'm Here But I'm Really There...'
Hopefully all will enjoy, looking forward to it.


Book Signing for 'Jacey's Kingdom' at Waterstones St. Albans - Saturday June 29th

I will be signing (and hopefully selling) copies of my new young adult fantasy novel 'Jacey's Kingdom' from 10.00 am onwards at Waterstones St. Albans this Saturday, June 29th. The store is holding a children's fun day and other events so please come along and see me if you're in the neighborhood. Looking forward to seeing you there.


'Ha-Bloody-Ha' Video Posted On YouTube

My latest attempt at video promotion, this time for my new collection of parodies 'Ha-Bloody-Ha', has just been posted on YouTube. Please have a shufti, and if you really must and after careful consideration of the effects on your sanity, download a copy. Or just have a titter at the video. Cheers!
And here's the link to the book:


'Jacey's Kingdom' Out Today!

My Debut Novel 'Jacey's Kingdom' E-Published Today

The wonderful Elsewhen Press are publishing my novel 'Jacey's Kingdom' today (Friday 11th January 2013) on Kindle, Kobo, Itunes etc. Please have a preview read and download if you fancy an exciting and funny fantasy adventure that will also make you think. 



Cock-A-Snook (no, I don't know what it means either) at 2013 With This Patently Silly But Rather Amusing Collection of Parodies

'Troy Story', 'Bored of the Flies', 'Tweelight', 'Jane Eyre on a G-String'... just some of the familiar names covered in this collection of 25 parodies. Just what exactly did happen at the dawn of man-kinds' 'Quest For Phutt'? How many ridiculous song titles can be rung out of the hard-boiled LA crime story 'Abba-ration'? What exactly does the 'Black Death Helpline' actually do?
These and other pressing questions are all answered, or at least alluded to, in 'Ha-Bloody-Ha', my new Amazon Kindle book available now at all good download sites (as long as they're called Amazon).