'Six Loners' short stories published on Amazon Kindle

My short collection of six stories seen from the famous protagonist's point of view 'Six Loners' is now live on Amazon Kindle. I feel these subjects are all 'loners' in one way or another, and was interested in what their personal view of well known events concerning their lives might be, as opposed to the public's general perception of what might have happened. Needless to say, I actually admire all six of these individuals greatly for various different reasons but collectively for having the guts to remain true to themselves under the most immense of pressures.
(Note: some of these stories have already been published with different titles in my 'Girl in a Shoebox collection but this is the whole set gathered in one place)


  1. Congrats on your release! You have such interesting ideas. This sounds exactly like my type of book!!!

  2. Hi Tanya, sorry just seen this, thanks for the kind words!