Waterstones St. Albans Launch Japanese Daisy Chain - Thursday 22nd May, 7.30pm

Launch Night for my second novel from Elsewhen Press, 'Japanese Daisy Chain', will be tomorrow evening at Waterstones St. Albans, 7.30pm, Thursday 22nd May.

Drinks and nibbles, parking free in town multi-storey. Please come if you can, I'll be reading one of the shorter stories. If you can make it I hope to see you there. Should be fun!
Japanese Daisy Chain takes us on a very individualistic journey around contemporary Japan through the eyes of the participants in a series of apparently unrelated incidents. Events that, to an outsider may seem a little strange or hard to explain, but to which we are given an exclusive insight – enabling us to see the consequence of contact with the paranormal, fantastic or downright weird. As each episode unfurls and our journey progresses, we alone can see the invisible thread that connects these events, albeit tenuously. A participant on each occasion, a minor character if you will, becomes the main protagonist in the next, creating a human daisy-chain. Just like a daisy-chain, what goes around comes around. The chain is completed and we finally understand karma…

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