Some (very bad) pics and nice memories of a great day out at Loncon Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival 2014

Back in the middle of August I (along with the author Mike French of the 'Convergence' trilogy) went to the last day of Loncon 2014 at the Excel Centre in London Docklands, the first time in many years that this major fantasy/Science Fiction Convention has been held in the capital. My publishers Elsewhen Press had a pretty impressive stand in one of the vast halls which were stuffed to bursting with all sorts of sci-fi paraphernalia. There was a Hugo Awards stand opposite with every Hugo (the sci-fi writers' Oscar) statuette since the thirties, all in gleaming chrome, or hand-carved wood and ranging from 30's art-deco to something that wouldn't look out of place on a 60's Chevrolet's tail-fin. All of the various halls were vast hangers seemingly awaiting the return of their Apollo rockets; the main concourse with all its food stalls seemed to go on for miles. My publishers, basically Peter and Alison Buck, had already been at their station for days gamely plugging away at selling the marvellous Elsewhen catalogue to anyone who wandered in reach. Other EP authors were already in attendance; namely Christopher Nuttall (best-selling sci-fi author), Ira Nayman (very funny sci-fantasy), Sanim Ozdural (author of the fascinating LiGa sci-fi life/game distopia) and Caspian the magician who's new book 'The Magician in the Attic (first of a trilogy) was being launched later that morning by Elsewhen. Ira and Sanim had both travelled from their native countries just for this event (Canada and Turkey respectively) and had been staying over at nearby hotels (Ira's looked to me like a ship floating on the edge of Dockland's wharf, admittedly after we'd been in the pub for awhile) so a big effort had been made to support Team Elsewhen, and it was really nice to see Ira and Christopher (and his wife) again, and to meet Sanem for the first time. We cross paths digitally but actual personal contact can't be beaten. We all had a great day, especially Caspian's book-launch complete with dazzling magic tricks, ending with a lovely meal at a nearby restaurant with our tired but hopefully pleased hosts Pete and Al.
These pictures (admittedly poorly shot from my crappy phone and rather belated) are some glimpse of a very special day spent with my Elsewhen Press buddies. Next up for the EP team is Nottingham Fantasycon on November 16th; can't wait. 

Here we go, ready for a great day spent in this huge bizarrely-proportioned building which has the feel of an aircraft hanger gradually mutating into a Blade Runner-type shopping maul. Or something like that. It's both impressive and slightly surreal.

The wonderful and indefatigable Alison Buck of Elsewhen Press selling yet another
entertaining E.P. work to some lucky Con-goer (I don't mean she was dancing at the time).
 Peter Buck announcing the launch of Caspian's first YA novel in his upcoming trilogy.

 And the man himself about to read an excerpt from 'The Magician in the Attic' before wowing us with a number of baffling magic card tricks. Amazement/applause all round.
 Just one of a number of cavernous halls/hangers full of sci-fi/fantasy stuff - we're somewhere in the middle of that lot.
Somewhere near here I bought one of the biggest Cornish pasties I've ever seen (and eaten). It was lovely, if not particularly Cornish.
 A tents situation developing at Loncon.

Thanks for looking - Dave.

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  1. It was a great pleasure to see you again, Dave, as well as meeting some of the other Elsewhen authors. We're developing a little family with all of the authors supporting each other's work (it helps that you lot have written some marvelous books!) And, of course, Peter and Alison are dears. LonCon3 was a great strange beast, but I have many fond memories of it. :-)

    All the Best,
    Ira Nayman