New short story collection 'Out of My Head' self-published on Amazon Kindle

Hi everyone.

‘Out of My Head’ is a collection of old and new short stories I’ve just self-published on Amazon Kindle that I hope will point new readers to my three published novels from Elsewhen Press (shown in right hand column). 

Some of these tales have already appeared in a previous collection, ‘Girl in a Shoebox’, so if you’ve already downloaded that you probably won’t want to bother with this. There are, however, some new or previously unpublished stories included in ‘Out of My Head’, and it’s the largest and most varied collection I’ve published to date. 

The stories are a mix of the everyday and the bizarre, each with an odd (sometimes very odd) twist; enough perhaps to make you reconsider what you’ve just read. Some are fantasy, a few science fiction, but mostly they are just about the quirks and foibles of human nature; the many twists of fate and circumstance life tends to dump in our lap without care or warning. 

I have set a price of £1.96 so that these stories may be read, and hopefully enjoyed, by as many readers as possible. Hopefully some of you guys with Kindles, Kobo’s or whatever, (apart from my older friends at Verulam Writers’ Circle who may well be sick at the sight of a few of these by now), will take a look, and a chance, on them too. 

Thanks for reading this latest blog and a Happy Christmas to all of you.


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